Volunteer Opportunities

No act of kindness, no matter how small,
is ever wasted. ~Aesop

You can enhance the quality of life for Kristus Dārzs residents by volunteering. Our goal is to offer family centred care in a 'home like' atmosphere. The staff, volunteers, and board, work together to provide resident and family centred care in a nurturing environment. We believe volunteers help create this atmosphere with their many special skills.

We provide Long Term Care in a culturally sensitive setting that respects Latvian heritage. Volunteers make a difference by contributing their time, energy, and talents to the causes they hold dear:

  • volunteers assist staff in client programs;
  • they provide expertise on boards and committees;
  • they are the vital ingredient for enhancing the quality of life of our residents;
  • volunteers bring specialized skills to Kristus Dārzs in areas such as creative arts, music, spiritual programs, the library, baking, gardening, and organizing special events.

We are thankful to all our volunteers who have dedicated so much time to our residents and to our Home!

Your volunteer support will continue to make a difference...

There are many residents who would benefit from a "friendly visit", a visit that caters to their special needs: A kind word, a listening ear, a stroll, reading a letter or just holding someone's hand. Special bonds can be created, that can last a life time.

The gift of music is a very important part of Kristus Dārzs residents’ lives. Our residents live through the songs and music of their youth. Traditional Latvian folk songs and music bring joy to their lives. Musical people who can sing or play an instrument are always welcome to help us give the gift of music to our residents.

Kristus Dārzs is a natural paradise. The residents are able to enjoy our beautiful plush gardens outside and atrium garden inside. Anyone with a green thumb and a strong back is welcome, to help us keep these gardens beautiful.

For a detailed list of volunteer positions available at Kristus Dārzs Latvian Home, please refer to Volunteer Opportunities.

Your gift of volunteerism is very much appreciated at Kristus Dārzs. If you have a skill, a talent a helping hand and would like to help improve the quality of life of our residents, please contact our Volunteers co-ordinator at (905) 832-33GG ext. 235.

All volunteers with their gifts of giving are eagerly awaited!!!