What to Bring


  • OHIP Card
  • Copies of Power of Attorney (POA) papers
  • Income Tax Assessment from the previous year (applicable only to those paying the basic rate and who are eligible for a subsidized rate)
  • Private insurance information
  • Blank cheques
  • Any prepaid funeral information
  • Family or responsible party contact information.


Personal Items

  • Clothing suitable for the changing seasons
  • Undergarments/socks/stockings (a week’s worth)
  • Appropriate non-slip footwear with backs
  • Personal photos/artwork to decorate the room
  • Favourite comforter if desired
  • Personal items used on a regular basis at home, (Television, DVD/CD player, books, stationary, etc.)

Once the new resident knows their new room number, Bell Canada should be contacted to begin the new phone installation process, if requested. (It takes a minimum of 48 hours for a phone to be installed).

New residents, as they prepare for the move, are welcome to phone Kristus Darzs for assistance or advice so as to ensure that the admission process is as comfortable as possible.