What to Expect

On the day of Admission, the new resident is required to bring with him/her the following information or documents:

  • OHIP Card
  • Copies of Power of Attorney (POA) papers
  • Income Tax Assessment from the previous year (applicable only to those paying the basic rate and who are eligible for a subsidized rate)
  • Private insurance information
  • At least 2 cheques: one for 1st month’s payment and one for deposit to comfort account (if desired)
  • All medications
  • Any prepaid funeral information
  • Family or responsible party contact information.

Kristus Darzs Latvian Home provides each resident with a bed, night table, dresser, lamp and chair. Personal pieces of furniture may be brought in but only if the size, quantity and condition is approved by the Environmental Manager. Staff reserve the right to rearrange or remove the furniture when it puts the resident or staff at risk. Paintings, pictures and other wall-hangings can, with the assistance of our maintenance staff, be put up in the room.

Residents are responsible to provide their own clothing suitable for all seasonal changes, and shoes and slippers that have full backs and are non-slip. All items of clothing will be labelled once the resident arrives. Clothing that requires dry cleaning is not recommended because all resident clothing is washed in-house at Kristus Darzs.

Bed linen and towels are provided. Kristus Darzs uses a service for laundering towels and sheets.

The new resident is responsible for ordering a telephone. Payment is the sole responsibility of the resident/family. There is no cable service available at Kristus Darzs Latvian Home; therefore, it is advisable to have a new model TV or an analog converter box for digital service. Only a handful of stations are available.

The actual admission consists of two parts. There is the administrative/ financial section and the medical/nursing section. One will follow the other. During the admission and following days, the new resident will be familiarized with the Home, its services, and activities. Department managers and staff will introduce themselves, learn about the resident’s history, needs and preferences and answer any questions the resident may have. Not only will the resident receive optimal care, but just as importantly, a sense of reassurance and comfort on having taken this very big step in making Kristus Darzs Latvian Home their new home. Please see the “Publications” tab to view the Kristus Darzs Resident Handbook.